Dances with Dissonance is a play off of George R.R. Martin’s Dances with Dragons, one of his A Song of Ice & Fire novels (or Game of Thrones to you HBO fans).  A perfect combination of my geeky & student affairs lifestyle.

This blog will focus on areas of student affairs, higher education, social justice, pop culture, and the random thought.

IMG_5221-cropped-smileABOUT THE AUTHOR
Niki Messmore has a fond love of books, geekery, lentils, and traveling (her mission is to see as much as the world before she becomes one with it). She’s committed to contributing towards creating a more just society and the lifelong process of becoming a better social justice educator and activist. She’s pretty lucky to do what she loves best – working with college students and facilitating service-learning opportunities. If she wasn’t working in student affairs, she would realistically be in the nonprofit sector (although ideally employed as a vampire slayer, khaleesi, or professional meme maker).
To learn more:
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