Grad School: In Gifs (2nd Semester)

After viewing the “Grad School: In Gifs (1st Semester)” it is time to review what the second semester of graduate school was like!



‘Wow’, you wonder, ‘I can’t believe grad school was that stressful. It is so much better now!’

happy angelina

‘Oh hey, turns out everyone in my cohort secretly hated last semester as well!’


Fun is being had!

dancing - beyonce

 You’re starting to feel like you know what you’re doing with life

i got this


2 min later

Because while the semester seemed easier at first, you still have 20 page papers, group projects, plus now trying to figure out what you’re doing this summer. Internship? Classes? Study Abroad? Or just sit in your underwear and watch Netflix?

frustrated new york

Not to mention, this semester you added a practicum experience to your schedule

honey boo boo

Class is a bit more of the same. Lots of group projects.

maybe gp - project obnoxious

And at every project someone says “Let’s start a GoogleDoc!”


(Even though at this point in your life, your opinion on GoogleDocs has changed.maybe.)

awww yeah

The Diversity class is always interesting

new girl - im so uncomfortable

Where everyone is in the process of learning, so of course many microaggressions

not acceptable

Where people think (or say) things like:


It’s cool! People are developing and learning to talk about diversity!


Also, you are starting to connect more with folks in your program, even people maybe you misjudged previously! Yay!

SPN - awkward sam hug

Eventually you lock down your summer plans, woo!

glen coco

And the good news is you are actually starting to understand all the things you’re learning. Even though when you try to describe it to other people in your life, they have no idea what you are saying.

friends - talk dirty

Yet somehow by the end of the semester you have still managed to procrastinate all your papers and assignments. Because you’ve been busy, obviously.

Procrastination - Daria

It’s fine. You got everything done on time last semester, right?

Procrastination - Ill start tomorrow

There’s the really great cohort bonding that goes on via Facebook as you lament your tasks and all submit your final papers between 3am-9am for the 9:30am class.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler - high five

Congrats! Somehow you made it through all the group projects, papers, and assistantship duties!

Scandal - Its Handled

With summer looming, you realize while at first you felt about grad school like this

Modern family - I hate it here

Now you feel like this




And then summer is basically like this (especially in comparison)

skipping - homer

Tumblr dance party


Stay Tuned for Grad School: In Gifs (Year 2)!

Please share your suggestions or favorite gifs in the comments or tweet them to @NikiMessmore!




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