Grad School: In Gifs (1st Semester)

I graduated with my masters in Higher Education & Student Affairs in May (woo!). Looking back at my experience and comparing it with friends/colleagues, I saw that for many folks some similar themes occur when it comes to grad school experiences.

So here’s Grad School: In Gifs!

Dedicated to Courtney Rousseau and Josh Vanbibber, who are completing their final #IUHESA classes right now, alongside their awesome fulltime #SApro positions! #CohortLove


Arrival to graduate school & assistantship training

so excited may vomit








Meeting everyone during the first cohort class

 spongebob - who are you people

There’s always that one person you really click with

 best friends

And one person you can’t stand

 mean girls - so annoying

After all, we are so good at judging people

judging eye drink

The first 6 weeks are carefree & fun

 happy my little ponies

Thank Odin for planned social events, amirite?

yay new friends

(even though at all these events you feel like this)

awkward - elijah

Then you realize you’ve effectively done no research and are so far behind

 oh shit

So it’s off to research land you go

 baby studying.reading

And then there’s all the group projects

 studying group2

Meanwhile you feel like you have zero social life


Not to mention you are still clueless about your assistantship

no idea

And you’re debating with yourself the logic of dropping out to join the circus

modern family - can we go home

Then October happens

drinking game.depressed

But all the Second Years tell you not to worry, and it will “get better” next semester

Cool Story Bro - panda

November happens

wine tastes like love

Anytime someone from back home calls you’re like

phone life sucks

And at this point in your group projects, you want to say something to at least one team member

what the fuck cat

If you don’t, then that person is probably you


And, if you’re a lucky Res Lifer with a meal plan, you run out of points

eating my feelings

Oh, and if you’re not in Res Life, now’s the time you realize you need res life friends for that meal plan love

Let Me Love You_Mean Girls

Then everything is due in December and you are regretting your life choices of procrastinating 20 page papers

laptop crying

But somehow everything gets done and you get to go on winter break!!!!!!!

 girl bye - robe


Stay Tuned for Grad School: In Gifs (2nd Semester)!

Please share your suggestions or favorite gifs in the comments or tweet them to @NikiMessmore!


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