Welcome to the new blog!

So what is a person to do when they are bedridden over a long weekend?

Start a new blog, of course.

After all, when you’re ankle is ice and elevated there is not much to do besides catch up on Game of Thrones and begin writing.

I have a blog under Google’s Blogger platform that I began in graduate school titled HESA Hero (in training). ‘HESA Hero’ was a phrase I coined because I love alliteration and was in the Higher Education & Student Affairs graduate program at IU. While there are some good posts over there (a blend of personal and professional), I feel like I require a fresh start now that I am entering my post-graduate career.

I read a lot of blogs (student affairs, feminism, social justice, etc) and have spent some time reflecting on what I want this blog to represent. Initially I contemplated focusing entirely on my profession (student affairs).

But ultimately, I am more than my job. I always love it when bloggers focus on the personal as well as professional…and many times going through grad school I wrestled with questions that I didn’t see other bloggers in the field discussing. So this blog will include multiple topics related to the lifestyle of a student affairs professional – with an emphasis on life, humor, and passion.

And gifs. Many gifs.

Topics you may find discussed:

  •     Higher Education & Student Affairs
  •     Geekery
  •     Dating & Relationships
  •     Social Justice
  •     Life as a Twentysomething (until next May when I turn 30!)
  •     Feminism
  •     Transitioning to a New Job/City
  •     Career/Professional Life
  •     Technology
  •     Current Events
  •     Hugging Trees

Interested in knowing more about the name of the blog or the author? Head to the About page!

Thanks for reading!


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